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Message On-Hold Tips from SayItOnHold – Effective Script Writing Tip #2

In our first tip we discussed the importance of RULE #1: writing your message on-hold script through eyes and ears of your callers.  Continuing in this mindset, be sure to include practical information such as your address, hours of operation, company history & vision, customer care messages, etc. to balance out your sales-related content; this helps to avoid leaving callers feeling inundated, offended or downright sleepy while on-hold.  To keep them interested what you’re saying apply RULE #1 and think about all the information your customers would find helpful and entertaining. 


Depending on the type of products or services you offer, callers may also enjoy hearing practical tips, trivia, industry news, or perhaps even humor.  All of these things may help them grow in their particular field.  And that can mean bigger and more long-term sales for you!  Stay tuned for our next “EFFECTIVE MESSAGE ON-HOLD SCRIPT WRITING” tip!!