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Ever wonder why there are so many forms of advertising? Every Form of Advertising Has Its Own Place!The answer is simple: from refrigerator magnets to Super Bowl spots,
every type of business ad serves its own unique purpose.
And on-hold messages are certainly no exception…read more


SayItOnHold Tip #2A.01 Choosing the Smartest Location For Your Message On Hold Player

Whether your company operates from a bedroom overlooking a neighborhood park, from the top floor of an upscale office park or anywhere in between, the placement of your message on-hold player can help determine how clearly and consistently it delivers your content to callers on hold.  Here is the first in a series of practical things to consider when choosing a location for your player.

Accessibility & Convenience: For checking the sound quality of your messages and setting the volume and/or tone, it’s really handy to have the player near a land line or cordless phone.  And of course, it’s important to keep the player within reach when loading new messages & music, troubleshooting connection problems, accommodating audio cable length, etc.

However, there are strong arguments for choosing a spot in close proximity to the phone system’s CPU/Cabinet (PBX, Hybrid or Key systems) or near the main telephone (KSU-less phones, such as single-line, two-line or four-line phones).  We’ll find out why in our next tip, when we cover the “safest” environment for your message on hold player.  Keep watching!