Hold Message Script Writing Tips


Build brand loyalty and connect with callers;


be sure to include your tagline, motto or slogan at least once in your message on-hold scripts!


On Hold Messages Help Your Small Business Make a Big Impression !

If you are providing a quality product or service, you know that all you need is a fair chance to prove your worth. Even if your small business or start-up operates

from a home office with a single telephone line, messages on-hold are an excellent and affordable way to emphasize the things that set your business apart from the competition.
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Just a note or two…

SayItOnHold has simplified the music on-hold selection process!


SayItOnHold’s Music Samples Page is up and running, providing a convenient way to sample our growing music library.  Check it out.  New tracks are being added continually, giving you more choices in background music for your message on-hold productions.

You can also hear samples of on-hold messages & music together at our Samples Page


SayItOnHold’s New HVAC Message On-Hold Page!!

hvac_buttonSayItOnHold’s new HVAC Message On-Hold Page gives heating & ac contractors, wholesale parts/supplies distributors, ice machine sales & service companies, air filtration and environmental contactors a great way to keep callers COOL and sales HOT with custom-produced, targeted messages & music on-hold!

                           Custom messages by SayItOnHold allow contractorsto promote services,  brag about dependability and

   honesty, announce special services       air-cond_sm or seasonal discounts, give out emergency service info and more!

Parts Distributors can make use of on-hold time to announce special sales, store & will-call hours, location(s), or provide details on systems, valves, fittings, compressors, condensers, tools, refrigerants and other supplies.

 Make a positive impression on your callers with our affordable, customized message and music productions!

Be sure to visit our HVAC Page to learn more, hear message & music samples and get started;  Email us: info@sayitonhold.com,  or call 800-664-6531

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Message On-Hold for Vets

WE’VE GONE ANIMAL about messages on-hold!

Custom On-Hold Messages for Pets (and people, too)SayItOnHold is excited to announce our newest Message On-Hold page, dedicated to Veterinarians & other pet care professionals who want to make a positive impression on their callers!

Custom On-Hold Messages for Pets (and people, too)

Our affordable, customized message and music productions enable you to showcase

your services, pet health care products, compassionate doctors & staff, office policies and much more!   
Be sure to visit our Veterinary Page to learn more, hear message & music samples and get started;  Email us: info@sayitonhold.com,  or call 800-664-6531

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Message On-Hold Tips from SayItOnHold – Effective Script Writing Tip #2

In our first tip we discussed the importance of RULE #1: writing your message on-hold script through eyes and ears of your callers.  Continuing in this mindset, be sure to include practical information such as your address, hours of operation, company history & vision, customer care messages, etc. to balance out your sales-related content; this helps to avoid leaving callers feeling inundated, offended or downright sleepy while on-hold.  To keep them interested what you’re saying apply RULE #1 and think about all the information your customers would find helpful and entertaining. 


Depending on the type of products or services you offer, callers may also enjoy hearing practical tips, trivia, industry news, or perhaps even humor.  All of these things may help them grow in their particular field.  And that can mean bigger and more long-term sales for you!  Stay tuned for our next “EFFECTIVE MESSAGE ON-HOLD SCRIPT WRITING” tip!!

SayItOnHold Tip #2A.01 Choosing the Smartest Location For Your Message On Hold Player

Whether your company operates from a bedroom overlooking a neighborhood park, from the top floor of an upscale office park or anywhere in between, the placement of your message on-hold player can help determine how clearly and consistently it delivers your content to callers on hold.  Here is the first in a series of practical things to consider when choosing a location for your player.

Accessibility & Convenience: For checking the sound quality of your messages and setting the volume and/or tone, it’s really handy to have the player near a land line or cordless phone.  And of course, it’s important to keep the player within reach when loading new messages & music, troubleshooting connection problems, accommodating audio cable length, etc.

However, there are strong arguments for choosing a spot in close proximity to the phone system’s CPU/Cabinet (PBX, Hybrid or Key systems) or near the main telephone (KSU-less phones, such as single-line, two-line or four-line phones).  We’ll find out why in our next tip, when we cover the “safest” environment for your message on hold player.  Keep watching!